ZEN is Befimmo’s newest office building in the Brussels North area, right next to the North Station, the soon to be fully renovated Maximilian Park and the river “Zenne” making its way back into the North quarter.

ZEN is an exclusive work environment with private entrance, equipped with every comfort. Its high and open spaces and the possible connection between the different floors by a common staircase make communicating with the different departments a piece of cake. Each floor offers a unique experience of space, large windows, private terraces, an abundance of natural light and peaceful views over the green park.

The best of both worlds


ZEN is part of ZIN’s full services environment; a public greenhouse, a beautiful rooftop, retail, bars, restaurants, hotel and so much more. All you have to do is cross the building. Entertainment at ZIN, serenity and efficiency at ZEN…

The best of both worlds, so it is.

Zen Plan

Evolving with its environment

ZEN is an office building that evolves with the waves of change that the city of Brussels has in store for the North area.

With its horizontal shape, ZEN merges into the axis of the “Antwerpsesteenweg” and restores the continuity that was once interrupted. Not only its horizontal shape, but also its external features respond to the outdoor feeling.

A unique façade that brings back the atmosphere of the future park into the building.

Zen 1
Zen 2
Zen 3
Zen 4
Zen 5
Zen 6

ZEN, everything flows

ZEN is an office building that not only evolves with its environment, but also with today’s changing office needs. In this way, not only water of the future reopened “Zenne” will flow along ZEN, but also a continuous flow of ideas, serenity, shared cultures, people and pleasure. ZEN, everything flows.

For more information contact: info@officeszen.brussels