Follow the evolution of the ZIN project closely.
Through this page we will keep you informed about the most important milestones of the project.


Wtc View

Belgian architecture competition

In 2017 Befimmo made a call for applications for the redevelopment of the WTC 1 & 2 building. Befimmo chose the architectural team of 51N4E, Jaspers Eyers Architects and l’AUC for the design.

Befimmo Team

Participation of Befimmo in Flemish government public contract

Befimmo participated with its ZIN project in the public tender for works that was launched by the Flemish authorities.

Work In Tower

Temporary occupation of WTC 1 and co-creation process

Befimmo made the vacant WTC 1 tower temporarily available to a number of organisations (universities, architects, start-ups, library, artists, etc.). They focused on a single aim: contributing to the project to reshape the North area.
The construction team of ZIN was also assembled on a floor of the existing WTC 1 tower during the design phase, which ensured a unique co-creation process in which connection to the environment was a central focus.


District A

Application for the building and environmental permit

In June 2018, Befimmo submitted the applications for the redevelopment of the WTC 1 & 2 towers to the Brussels Capital Region.


End of the ongoing lease in WTC 2



Start of phase 1 works

Start of the cleaning and asbestos removal work.

Office View

Offices pre-let to the Flemish authorities

In March 2019, Befimmo obtains the public tender of the Flemish authorities. As a result, the 75,000 m² of offices of the ZIN project have been fully pre-let.


Page Intro

Building and environmental permits obtained

In March 2020 the building and environmental permits were delivered to Befimmo.

WTC drone view

Start of phase 2 works

Start of the dismantling works on the towers. One floor is being dismantled per week, for 30 weeks. Only the cores are being kept.


Construction phase ZIN

Start of phase 3 works – the actual construction

The two towers are being rebuilt and connected by a new central volume.


logo Vlaamse overheid

Delivery of building – Start of the public tender of the Flemish authorities

The Flemish authorities begins its lease in the building for a fixed period of 18 years.


Frontal South

Gradual relocation of the Flemish Government

Zen 2

Delivery of apartments, commercial spaces, the ZEN office area and the conservatory

Completion of the construction works for Hotel The Standard


Zin X The Standard

Official opening of Hotel The Standard