A multifunctional and inspiring living environment

A new central volume will connect the two existing towers, creating 14 floors of exceptional size: 4,500 m² each with a ceiling height of over 5 metres. The offices occupying these floors will benefit from myriad spatial planning possibilities. The intermediate floors, located in the existing towers and half as high, will be occupied by apartments to the east and a hotel to the west. They will enjoy the same panoramic view of the city.

This mix of functions will create a building where there will always be life, seven days a week, with different users occupying the spaces at different times. In this way, ZIN will make a full contribution to the development of a new dynamic in the North area of Brussels.

Zin Travailler Vivre Habiter
Office View


ZIN provides a large work floor with a double height and lots of light. It provides room for the flexibility of working. The focus is on the users. You come here to make things possible together. It will be a productive place that radiates energy and generates it too. There’s room for people, but also for greenery. Working in a young forest means a place to breathe and a mental space. The building offers many possibilities and allows to collaborate in different ways, to re-centre yourself and to simply enjoy the place and your work.

The 75,000 m² of offices are fully pre-let to the Flemish authorities. The lease will begin in 2023 and has a fixed term of 18 years. Approximately 3,900 Flemish officials will find a new, inspiring and sustainable workplace in ZIN, fully in line with the principles of the new ways of working.



On the intermediate floors there will be apartments (on the east side) that alternate with offices and have a panoramic view over the city.

Corner Hotel


On the west side there is a hotel that alternates with the offices. Furthermore, ZIN also provides space for coworking, leisure space, restaurants and cafés and businesses.

Be.Exemplary logo

The ZIN project has won the 2019 be.exemplary award in the category “Large Private Projects”. be.exemplary’s purpose is to encourage and reward exemplary construction and renovation projects in terms of sustainable urban development. More info can be found on the website of be.exemplary.