A sustainable and adaptable structure

A focus on circular economy is an intrinsic feature of ZIN. This means on the one hand limiting the quantity of waste by reusing as many features of the existing building as possible (underground floors, foundations and circulation cores) and giving new life to the elements that cannot be reused onsite (these are reused elsewhere or recycled). In addition, the new materials that are used for the construction are sustainable and cause little pollution.

It is also important to incorporate circularity in the building’s design, in different lifecycles, with long-term flexibility, to be able to meet the changing needs of the future. The basic structure of the building is designed to stay the same, but with the exception of the structural floors and the facade, all components will be easy to disassemble to adapt the spaces to new functions.

of the structure is being retained
of dismantled concrete will be reused in the new concrete of the ZIN project

Be.Exemplary logo

The ZIN project has won the 2019 be.exemplary award in the category “Large Private Projects”. be.exemplary’s purpose is to encourage and reward exemplary construction and renovation projects in terms of sustainable urban development. More info can be found on the website of be.exemplary.