September 2022

ZIN is the project to transform Towers 1 and 2 of the WTC complex in the Brussels North area. This emblematic project is the first in the North area to combine different functions in a highly innovative way.

Zin Title  Ingenious Organisation on the ZIN Site

Over the summer major progress has been made on the construction site of the ZIN project. Different floors are undergoing structural works whilst the techniques are going in at the same time, and this whilst work is being carried out on the facade and the interior finish. All these works require detailed and careful planning and perfect coordination between the various teams on site. Whilst the techniques are being installed on one floor and the interior finishing work has begun, circular concrete is being poured on the upper levels and the façade is being erected. Not the kind of job for any run-of-the-mill Bob the Builder.

Befimmo Zin 090622 0015 Low

Zin Title  Tower Cranes

As the ZIN project is slowly but surely reaching for the skies, the two tower cranes have to follow suit. In May, one of the two BPC-owned cranes was extended from 65 metres up to 85 metres. These cranes can now reach a height of 145 metres. This height extension is preceded by a process referred to as telescoping (sliding in and out). As soon as the metal reinforcement base is set up, the mobile tower cranes are firmly anchored to it. A telescopic element is then installed to extend the mast. What is so amazing about this process is that the crane does this work all by itself. As the jib can operate completely independently, there is no intervention required from any other crane. Discover how this works by taking a look at the pictures below.

Zin Telescopage Grue

Zin Title  The ZIN Prefab Skids

Just a few weeks ago, the first vertical engineering pipework was installed into the shafts of the building (for HAVC, water drainage and supply). This is an installation of prefab sections, which are basically metal structures onto which this vertical engineering pipework is then mounted. These units, some of which are almost 12 metres high, have been prefabricated off-site and then brought onto site and installed in Lego brick fashion.

This revolutionary technology, also called skids, ensures extremely fast assembly, it saves considerable time (8 floors in half a day instead of two months), and it improves the quality and site safety. Overall, between May 2022 and January of next year, some 90 of these skids will be supplied and installed.

Watch the report below with extremely impressive skid installation images.

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Zin Title  From 350 to 700 workforces

From September onwards the site will really go into cruising mode to finally reach its summit in December (108 metres!). Until then, various works will be carried out at great speed. As a result, at peak times, more than 700 staff will be working simultaneously on the ZIN site, all carrying out their own specific duties.

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From WTC 1 & 2 to ZIN in 5 stages

Stage 01: Application for and issuance of permit

Stage 02: Preparatory work, cleaning and asbestos removal

Stage 03: Dismantling of towers

Stage 04: Construction of central volume, reconstruction of towers, and completion – from April 2021

Stage 05: Building delivery – summer 2024: complete commissioning

Project timeline