WTC is becoming ZIN!

With this first newsletter we want to inform you of a new project in Brussels: the ZIN project! ZIN is the first building in the Brussels North area to combine working, housing and living. With this newsletter we will regularly inform you about the progress of the project and the construction works. We hope you enjoy it!


About the ZIN project

ZIN is the project to transform Towers 1 and 2 of the WTC complex in the Brussels North area. This emblematic project is the first in the North area to combine different functions in a highly innovative way.

Instead of a simple renovation of the existing building, the project adds a new dimension to the site by connecting the towers with a new central volume. That central volume consists of 14 floors of double height and provides approximately 75,000 m² of high-quality office space. On the North Station side is space for a hotel with about 200 rooms, and on the Maximilian Park side there will be +/- 100 appartments. In addition, we’re making room for +/- 5000 m² of restaurants, leisure space and shopping areas. This mix of functions will create a building where there will always be life, 24/7.

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95% retained, reused or recycled

ZIN makes maximum use of the existing building by fully committing to circularity; 65% of the building is being retained, and more than 1000 tonnes of materials and facilities are being reused elsewhere. What isn’t used on site is used elsewhere as much as possible. For example, a Brussels school has reused 120 wooden partition walls to reorganise its classrooms, and 209 tonnes of floor tiles are being reused for another building.

Do you want to know more about all the aspects of the ZIN project? Discover them in the paper version of MagaZIN


Information about the works

Since the building and environmental permit has been delivered, the first major works are starting. In the coming months (approximately 30 weeks) the towers are being demolished, one floor per week (only the cores are being preserved).

Work is being done from Monday to Saturday, from 7 am to 7 pm. Only in exceptional circumstances there will be a deviation from this; we will keep you up to date!

From WTC 1 and 2 to ZIN in 5 phases

Phase 01: Application and delivery of permit

Phase 02: Preparatory work, cleaning and asbestos removal

/ Phase 03: Demolition of towers – start in August 2020

Phase 04: Construction of central volume, reconstruction of towers and completion

Phase 05: Building delivery – summer 2024: complete hand-over

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