ZIN - Openwervendag

The ZIN construction team’s hard work is paying off. In mid-February 2024, the first entities of the Flemish government will start moving into their new office building (the Marie-Elisabeth Belpaire Building), which is part of the ZIN project. To give a sneak preview, Befimmo, Open Minds and Het Facilitair Bedrijf jointly organised an open day for these future users. On Sunday 24 September, they welcomed more than 500 curious employees who wanted to get a first glimpse of their future workplace.

Looking inside the Marie-Elisabeth Belpaire building

As the completion of the Marie-Elisabeth Belpaire building approaches, the enthusiasm of future users is rising. And we could see this during the open house day on 24 September, which attracted more than 500 spectators. Using a defined route, interested visitors explored the unique, sustainable and circular building for the first time in complete safety. With many enthusiastic reactions as a result!

Throughout the trail, they were introduced to some of the key functions of the Marie-Elisabeth Belpaire building:

  • The impressive reception area with monumental staircase
  • The large auditorium on the first floor and a smaller auditorium on the third floor
  • Catering facilities for staff members: the restaurant, the sandwich and coffee bar
  • A meeting centre with VIP rooms
  • A complete office floor with shared and dedicated areas and associated greenery
Zin - Openwervendag

More than just offices

Besides the offices of the Flemish government, ZIN also houses flats (east side) and a hotel (west side) on the intermediate floors of both towers. Like the stripes of a zebra, the various functions are interwoven. Because of this mix of functions, there will always be life in the building, seven days a week, with different users at different times. In this way, ZIN contributes to a new dynamic in the Brussels North Quarter.