May 2022

ZIN is the project to transform Towers 1 and 2 of the WTC complex in the Brussels North area. This emblematic project is the first in the North area to combine different functions in a highly innovative way.

Zin Title  Important visitors at the worksite

On Friday 11 February, Philippe Close, mayor of Brussels, and the city’s Alderwoman for Urban Development and Public Space, Ans Persoons, visited the worksite. The main focus of the visit was on ‘making city’, one of the crucial ambitions of the ZIN project. After all, the unified building houses multiple functions under a single ‘roof’: apartments, offices, commercial spaces, a publicly accessible greenhouse and a hotel with two restaurants. Thanks to this mix of functions the building will always be alive with activity, every single day, with different users at different times.

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ZIN construction site Philippe Close & Ans Persoons

Zin Title  ZIN finalist MIPIM Awards 2022

Befimmo’s ZIN project was selected as one of four finalists for the 2022 MIPIM Award in the Best Futura Project category (best ongoing project). These projects must not only be innovative in terms of architecture and sustainability but they must also be integrated to a maximum extent in their physical environment and community. The International Market of Real Estate Professionals MIPIM (Le Marché International des Professionnels de l’Immobilier) is an internationally renowned real estate fair that takes place each year in Cannes, France. The MIPIM Awards that are presented during the event pay homage to the most remarkable projects that have been completed or are yet to be built. Although ZIN didn’t get to take home the award we are still extremely proud of this nomination that recognises the very innovative and future-oriented nature of the project.

Zin Title  ZIN supports ‘De Bouw Kijkt Verder / Nous Construisons Demain’ campaign

On 7 April, Befimmo and general contractor TM Open Minds welcomed Constructiv’s press conference at ZIN for the launch of the ‘De Bouw Kijkt Verder / Nous Construisons Demain’ campaign (the construction industry looks to the future). The leading players from the construction industry have pooled their resources in pursuit of a common goal: inspiring future generations and attracting new talent to the industry to remedy the current labour shortage. As a key player and a first-hand witness to the evolutions in the building industry in terms of technology, sustainability and circularity, Befimmo has thrown its weight behind this campaign by offering the ZIN project as the location for this press event.

More info on the campaign is available at or

Zin Title  Start of the shell construction phase

In late February the floor slab of the first floor was installed. On top of this the enormous sloped columns in two sections were erected that support the new central volume. At the same time the monumental staircase in the entrance hall was completed. Intended for the Flemish government, it links the street level entrance with the first floor. Meanwhile work on the central volume continues and the different floors are being completed. Work on the façade is now also underway. The monotonous grey concrete that is visible right now is to make way for a façade that will give us a taste of what the finished building will look like.


From WTC 1 & 2 to ZIN in 5 stages

Stage 01: Application for and issuance of permit

Stage 02: Preparatory work, cleaning and asbestos removal

Stage 03: Dismantling of towers

Stage 04: Construction of central volume, reconstruction of towers, and completion – from April 2021

Stage 05: Building delivery – summer 2024: complete commissioning

Project timeline

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