As the ZIN-Project is taking shape, the time has come to start a conversation with the North area of Brussels. Therefore, Befimmo joined forces with The City is our Playground, a Brussels-based non-profit organisation that aims to promote integration in the city through creative participatory activities, and students from the Sint-Lukas Academie. The City is our Playground helped the students turn their vision of the neighbourhood into a work of art. Their canvas? The ZIN’s construction site palisade!

Something is happening at ZIN…

Anyone who occasionally walks by ZIN has surely noticed some changes on the fence. The City is our Playground created a teaser for the project on one side of the fence.

Img 9766 Hd
Img 9746 Hd
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Cut, paste and paint!

Through three creative workshops, the students of Sint-Lukas Academie translated their vision of the North area into a work of art for the construction site fence. During the first workshop, the students were introduced to Befimmo, the ZIN project and the various challenges for which ZIN will provide a solution. They then used their own visual materiel of the district to get creative. The second workshop was all about shapes and lines. Inspired by their photos, they continued their collage with red paint pens. Finally, the last workshop focused on words related to their own perception of the neighbourhood. The students wrote a personal letter addressed to the North area. The most significant words and phrases were then integrated into the collage. After these workshops, their final artwork was displayed on the palissade.

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Img 8959
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Celebrating a successful collaboration!

A vernissage took place on May 31, where students, their parents, teachers and other interested parties gathered to admire the final result. Through a mini-expo, with a drink in hand, guests were able to get an idea of the whole creative process. A festive moment that stimulated reflection on the artwork, the process, the students’ vision and the Brussels North area itself!

Curious about the final result? Then take a stroll past the ZIN building! The student’s work will be up until the end of June.