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Everything is risky, nothing is easy. You really have to be precise and know what you are doing. Because any mistake can be fatal. I have to keep an eye on everything without seeing anything.

By Jean-Claude Yindjo Onana
Crane driver of the ZIN project

That the ZIN project is carried out with a lot of surgical precision, is no longer a secret. This principle applies at all stages of the project, and especially during the dismantling phase (which is currently coming to an end) which requires a great deal of expertise.

Jean-Claude, crane driver of the ZIN project during the dismantling phase, has been able to experience this in person every day. Each time, he starts his day with a climb of no less than 115 meters. From this immense height, he could see the city stretching out below him from his cabin. While following the instructions of a colleague on the ground floor, he hoists and lifts containers and other heavy objects and puts them back in the right place. Cranes are sometimes also controlled from ground level, but due to the enormous size of the project, a good view of the cores is crucial.

A job as a crane driver is not an easy one. On the contrary. Not only do you have to have excellent spatial and technical insight, whereby depths and distances have to be estimated correctly, but also good risk management is an absolute must. The responsibility is enormous and any misjudgement can be fatal.

Crane driver is therefore not just a job. It is a profession for which you need passion, courage and last but not least, a good physical condition! Thank you to all the crane drivers of the ZIN project for their daily dedication!

Curious what a working day of Jean-Claude looks like? Watch the video below! (Warning: not suitable for viewers with vertigo!)

Thank you Karine Dana for the amazing images!