Johan Anrys

The ZIN project is the prototype of a ‘metropolitan hybrid’. It involves a hybrid environment with various functions… a piece of the city that is alive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By Johan Anrys
Partner architect at 51N4E, one of the architects of the ZIN project

For the design of the ZIN project, Befimmo chose the architect teams of 51N4E, Jaspers Eyers Architects and l’AUC . The choice followed a call for applications that was set up in 2017. The team is being assisted by experts in engineering, sustainability, circular economy, accessibility and wellbeing.

Today’s office model is not workable in future. With Befimmo we therefore started looking for a concept of what the office of tomorrow might look like as a working environment. It became an exciting cooperation and a challenging learning experience with a unique way of working and an original approach to the process. We all had building blocks and keys that we were able to put together to build a common vision. We see the ZIN project as a standard example of a large-scale working environment close to important transport hubs. As Johan Anrys of 51N4E explains in the video below, ZIN is focused not on a single life cycle, but rather on life cycles in the distant future.